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ADDRESS: 39650 Cedar Blvd.
                   Newark, CA 94560
Is practicing kung fu safe?
Safety is one of our top priorities. We do everything we can to encourage safe practices. We have padded floors, cushioned mats, and safety gear. Most importantly, our instructors encourage good and safe training and technique development, both for individuals and the group as a whole.

Admittedly, injuries are inevitable, but they are certainly not more likely in kung fu than they are in other sports.

How old can children start learning kung fu?
We start teaching children as young as four years old. At these early ages, understanding and development vary greatly between each child. At Legend Kung Fu, we understand this and allow each student to progress at their own pace.

Will my child need to be athletic to keep up?
Anybody is free to learn kung fu, regardless of how athletic they are. Our beginner levels are incredibly accessible. From as young as four, students will learn discipline, determination, and focus by training simple, foundation movements.

Each student is encouraged to learn that they can accomplish anything by giving their best and developing at their own pace. Children will find a warm and welcoming environment to safely and enjoyably train their body and minds through kung fu.

Will practicing kung fu interfere with other activities?
At Legend Kung Fu, we offer very flexible programs to accomodate the busiest schedules. Many of our students play an instrument, play another sport on a school team or an after-school league, or perform dance. Students won't be locked into a weekly quota of classes that disappear if unused. This allows kung fu practice to be dynamically fit into even the most unpredictable schedules.

Will my child have fun?
We want our students to enjoy their time here. But, this doesn't mean they only play around.We have a lot of variety in our curriculum that appeals to many kinds of students. Children want to keep learning and to keep progressing. We show them that the best way is to stay focused and work well with the instructor and other students.

By learning to focus and work hard at their own pace, students are able to do what they find fun: learn kung fu at Legend Kung Fu Academy!

How can I get started with a Free Trial Class?
Attending a free trial class is incredibly simple at Legend Kung Fu Academy. There is absolutely no need to call in or make an appointment!

Just head over to our Schedule tab and show up five minutes before any "Beginner" class with your child wearing comfortable clothing and we will welcome your child for their free trial class!